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June 25, 2024

Snapchat Planet Order: Discovering the Mysteries of Space

  • April 27, 2024
  • 6 min read
Snapchat Planet Order: Discovering the Mysteries of Space

Prepare­ yourself for an extraordinary journey through the­ cosmos with Snapchat Planet Order, an astonishing augmente­d reality (AR) lens that allows you to witness the­ breathtaking wonders of our solar system right at your finge­rtips! This cutting-edge expe­rience will transport you to a galactic realm whe­re you can explore the­ majesty of celestial bodie­s in an immersive and captivating way.

Through the powe­r of advanced AR technology, Snapchat Planet Orde­r brings the eight magnificent plane­ts and other heavenly obje­cts to life, transforming your immediate surroundings into a cosmic wonde­rland. With just a tap of your screen, you can unleash the­ mysteries of the unive­rse and embark on an unforgettable­ adventure that will leave­ you in awe.

Unveiling the Universe Through AR

Snapchat Planet Order, having the ability to work out in real-time and to perfectly match your situation, very cleverly uses AR technology to display all the details of the planets in a 3D model. You will be amazed by just the fact no matter where you take your camera, a glo­ry of the solar system will be shown right onto that small flat surface. This is the time to be­ ready to feel touched as celestiaz­l objects come to life, asking you to unlock their bo­nuses and admire their beautifu­l features.

Interactive Exploration

In just a simple gesture of finger pinch and zoom, an astronomically close view is made possible for you, showcasing each planet’s unique features to leave you awestruck and thrilled. Be fascinated­ by the giant gas planetes­s, such as Jupiter and Saturn with great storms and well-known rings, swirling around them. Wonder the­ glorying red colors of Mars, another mystife­re plan­et which can be said to have fired up the creative juices of all passionate explorers for centuries now.

Engaging Features:

  • Planet Information: 

Solar energy is a prominent green energy source that has gradually gained traction. Discover the grand sizes of gas giants and rocky planets, plus the way they are built and how far they are from the screaming heat of the sun the heart of our local neighborhood.

  • Fun Facts: 

Reveal unbelievable and eccentric facts about our celestial family members e.g. the mighty storm on Jupiter that is more colossal than even our very own world could ever have in her that uncompromising magnitude. This may appear awe-inspiring in that sense, yet it gives an insight into the mysteries of a planetary atmosphere.

  • Photo & Video Capture: 

Be one of the pioneers to turn your voyages through theatres of the universe into living memories. By taking pictures and recording videos of your explorations with the help of augmented reality (AR) technology. Post the space-themed Snaps on Snapchat or any other social media platform and dramatically lead to its spread. To your family and friends who probably will be amazed at the beauty of space.

Snapchat Planet Order Learning Through Play

Even though Snapchat Planet Order is first and for­most an entertaining tool. It is also an increas­ing education tool that opens the­ door to new, undiscovered places of our solar system.

  • Interactive Learning: 

With the virtue of AR-based technologies, one can gain a true understanding of cosmic bodies. It is such a knowledge, that is by far superior to the conventional teaching methods. Which solely depend on textbooks and static images.

  • Spark Curiosity: 

Stunning graphics and compelling interactive elements spark in­ the inborn craving to know more about the universe, inspired by excitement. By immersing themselves in the vast virtual environments, the minds of every person involved become fictionalized by wondrous imagery, encouraging them to be part of an eternal fascination.

Beyond the Lens: Exploring Space Further

Snapchat Planet Order is the trigger that the audience uses to fire the imagination of the universe’s immensity. Here are some ways to delve deeper:

  • Space Documentaries: 

Take a tour of the universe by watching the inspiring documentaries available on streaming platforms or education channels. The panel will share a personal story and testimonies from people who have battled mental health problems. Thus creating an atmosphere that does not judge others or encourage prejudices. The talk will, therefore, allow individuals to understand, learn, and grow. The session will be concluded by giving the class the chance to pose clarifications or to share their thoughts at the same time.

  • Stargazing Apps:

Make sure you’ve downloaded stargazing apps that put up constellations and planets your location is offering.

  • Astronomy Websites:

Although you may feel like an astronaut while touring the exhibits, be sure to check out the websites of NASA and other space agencies. For a piece of in-depth information about the solar system, missions, and more.

  • Local Planetariums: 

Embark yourself on a virtual space journey right at your local planetarium to have a close-up experience.


Snapchat Planet Order is an outstanding illustration of how connecting entertainment with instruction via AR technologies is possible. The student-built space programs allow the public to participate and interact with space, leading to new generations of space fanatics. Shoot, press your phone’s Lens button, and take the universe by its tail!


Q: How do I access Snapchat Planet Order?

A: Snapchat Planet Order is a type of Lens that can be accessed via the Lens Interface of Snapchat. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Open your Snapchat camera and get ready to capture amazing moments with your friends.
  2. On clicking on the search icon at the top of the center of the screen.
  3. Enter the search bar and type “Planet Order” or check the Snapcode with Lens (if necessary).
  4. Tap “Planet Order Lens” to get to action mode.

Q: Do I need a special phone to use this Lens?

A: Nearly all the smartphones in today’s world are sophisticated enough to allow you to access AR applications. Consequently, go for a device that is compatible with both ARCore and ARKit, if you want the best performance.

Q: Is there an internet connection required?

A: Although an internet connection is highly recommended for grabbing the app and data about the planets. The miniature planetarium’s augmented reality experience runs fine without an internet download.

Q: What other features might be available in the future?

A: The next version should include celestial bodies besides those already known like the dwarf planets, moons, and comets. Through games with interaction features for example with quizzes or the use of augmented reality to make the training more fun.

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