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June 25, 2024

Is Using a VPN for Netflix Legal? Navigating the Gray Areas

  • April 24, 2024
  • 6 min read
Is Using a VPN for Netflix Legal? Navigating the Gray Areas

Living in the US, you see a different Netflix catalog than the rest of the world. Every region sees a different catalog; the only way to access those catalogs is via a VPN for Netflix. But is it legal?

While geo-limitations are in respect to the license agreements, bypassing them often comes with various confusions. And even if it does get legal, is it morally correct to make your way into the grey area?

Why Does Netflix Have Different Shows for Different Regions?

Filmmaking costs vary, and with these variations, films get the license to be viewed in specific regions. These regional entertainment service providers pay for offering that content, and the movie makes money. 

Simply put, it all comes down to content originality and the artists getting paid for their work. For example, Netflix earns profits by offering its content. It negotiates with different studios to provide specific content.

Using a VPN for Netflix: Is It Legal?

It is legal to use the VPN for Netflix, however, that doesn’t mean that Netflix allows the use of VPN. VPN is something like a protective layer for your online activities and actions. Due to international emplacement licenses, Netflix revealed a lot of different content in different countries. The VPN allows you to have an IP that belongs to another location. This precedes the identity conflict with these agreements. Although the main crux of VPN on Netflix is likely to not receive any jail time (unless you are from a country where VPNs are illegal),

How to Use a VPN to Access Different Netflix Catalogs

Before proceeding to the tutorial, it’s best to research and purchase a reliable VPN. Streaming services, such as Netflix, have strict geo-restriction policies, and you can’t bypass them without a premium VPN. 

Once you purchase a known VPN, accessing different Netflix catalogs becomes a cakewalk. For this tutorial, we’ll follow the example of accessing US Netflix abroad. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Pick a VPN that can unblock Netflix.
  • Install the VPN app and create an account.
  • Connect to a server in a country with the Netflix content you want.
  • Launch Netflix and enjoy the expanded library!

What Happens if Netflix Catches You Using a VPN?

If Netflix detects your VPN, it might limit your viewing options. Instead of unlocking new content, you could be stuck with only shows Netflix has global rights to. 

As per different sources, you’ll also see error code m7111-1331-5059; Netflix’s saying, “VPN detected!” 

To return to normal, simply disable your VPN. Remember that VPNs are a no-go for live Netflix events or ad-supported plans, which Netflix officially mentions. However, you can use a VPN with Netflix-friendly servers to avoid this hassle. 

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Some free VPNs mention themselves as Netflix VPNs, but you must remember that these free options often come with limitations like data caps, sluggish streaming speeds, and a smaller server selection.

Choosing a Reliable VPN for Netflix – 3 Points to Consider

Here’s a list of the top 3 factors to consider when purchasing a VPN for Netflix:

Server Network

Before connecting to a specific server, you must double-check 2 things: first, ensure that the chosen server allows access to Netflix, and second, verify that the VPN provider even offers a server in that location. 

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Most VPN service providers are transparent about their server locations and compatibility with Netflix. This information is usually available on their website.

Privacy and Security

Netflix availability is being restricted by countries where this streaming service has copyrights. Therefore, there are 3 main challenges connected with it it you travel to geo-limited countries. First off, use the VPN which holds a strict ‘no-logs policy’ that means there won’t be any log of your web traffic or your device’s IP in the system.

Additionally, selecting a VPN in any country that is not in the Five Eyes union (composed of nations noted for data-sharing) can be an important approach. It brings about this protection of your information from others you do not trust who are in different countries. First of all utmost emphasis should be laid on the VPN protocol that applies AES -256 encryption, which is known as the chief standard.

Server Speed

Speed is equally important, mainly when using a VPN for streaming. To ensure a smooth streaming experience, you can either consult our speed test results to find a VPN that meets your needs, or if the VPN offers a free trial or option, simply conduct a speed test yourself.

Final Note

Briefly, to summarize, the legal aspects of VPNs used for Netflix service are hardly crystal clear. It isn’t any crime to do that, but surely it’s considered an unethical practice of the platform according to the movie distribution agreement. The allure of accessing a more expansive Netflix library is undeniable, but it’s essential to weigh the ethical implications. Ultimately, as a streaming enthusiast, the decision rests with you.

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This article has also explored the reasons behind regional content restrictions and the importance of choosing a reliable VPN for Netflix. While planning your vigoro server network size, privacy features, and speed should be your key priorities.


1. Is it legal to use a VPN for Netflix?

Stay out of trouble (as the process of unblocking Netflix goes hand in hand with a VPN tool that is used for geo-unblocking the Netflix website, but you’ve violated Netflix ToS by doing so). On the other hand, legal standing greatly differs from country to country as these jurisdictions vary from doing tricks on geo-strategies.

2. Why do people use VPNs for Netflix?

The main reason why people use VPNs is that they can access Netflix libraries from various countries with a larger catalog of content not available in their home country (Netflix actualizaciĆ³n robada). One of the privileges here is going through shows, series, or films that you can’t get everywhere else.

3. Will Netflix ban my account from using a VPN?

Netflix has defeat mechanisms set in place to prevent and ban VPNs. They may choose, though, to only block your access to content or to remind you to firmly switch off the VPN to consider a continuance of streaming.

4. Are there any legal repercussions for using a VPN with Netflix?

It is a common phenomenon that lots of countries adopt various laws to express their banning of Netflix through VPN services in the place where customers are residing. In some regions, it may be considered a copyright violation or a violation of terms and services, while in other places it may be in line with the Netflix policy but still disregarded.

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