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July 18, 2024

What are the Features to Look for in a Security Camera?

  • June 27, 2024
  • 5 min read
What are the Features to Look for in a Security Camera?

Security is something that no one wants to compromise on. Thus, CCTV cameras are the most important components of security and surveillance within workspaces and public areas. Hence, a person should invest in a CCTV camera that meets all the critical criteria. Knowing what to look for in security cameras can save you time in case you come across a sale for a camera you might need. We will advise you to select a Surveillance Camera that should have at least the following specifications. Resolution, night vision, and motion detection are key requirements for the camera.

Ensure that there is some reliable storage, either on the cloud or locally. Those customers who want to have their systems seamlessly integrated can choose from iSecurity solutions broad array of products designed against different security needs, thus ensuring full coverage and peace of mind. The good quality of a CCTV camera increases the safety of the surroundings and helps to give better protection to the premises.

High-Definition and Wide-Angle Video

Any CCTV camera must possess high-definition video and a wide-angle view. The main essential role of a CCTV camera is to project images clearly so that someday in the future or at any time, the taken images can be referred to for review. When it comes to the effectiveness of such a CCTV system, and the quality is below par, it compromises its effectiveness. High-definition cameras produce razor-sharp images with clear details, thus catching every single detail. Furthermore, the camera with a wide angle lens is capable of capturing a wider angle view and thus can install a few numbers of cameras to achieve the required coverage. This is very helpful in cases that require continuous surveillance of a bigger ground area like a parking lot, lobbies, or a warehouse.

Night Vision

Low-light vision has been one of the major specifications expected in any CCTV camera. Nighttime incidents or crimes are where the real importance lies for a CCTV camera in capturing footage with night vision or in low light. In the Presbyterian night-vision cameras, image quality is clear despite the low light. This feature is very critical for capturing such incidents that usually occur after dark, like break-ins or vandalism. Night vision cameras provide clear footage of one’s home in all conditions, thereby maximizing your peace of mind and providing reliable evidence in circumstances of insecurity.

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Remote Access

The other important feature of any CCTV camera system has to be remote access. Most of the new models put you in a good position where you can view live footage straight from your mobile device or computer. This feature comes in very handy when one is away from the premises. Real-time monitoring and control of the security system are possible, even when one is away from the premises. With remote access, you can check up on your property from any part of the world just to ensure that everything is secure. This capacity not only provides one with a feeling of being in control but also assures that your property is safe, hence being a key driving factor behind the installation of CCTV cameras.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection is one of the focal features of any CCTV camera system. This video analytics function detects motion within a designated area, capturing movements that relate to cases of breaking into premises. Intrusion detection refers to intuitive smart detection that adds security by automatically identifying those events that may be suspicious. A particular application of this feature is in monitoring high-security areas such as warehouses, retail shops, and banks. In case of suspicious activities, you may receive alerts through intrusion detection and take immediate necessary action to enhance your property’s security in general.

Storage of Security Camera Videos

Video recording captures events around your home without the hassle of live streaming or even mobile device notifications. Cloud versus local storage will depend on how much you are willing to spend or prefer. Go for 32 GB and above for local storage, preferably on an SD card. This will give you many weeks’ worth of video clips. Cameras with a resolution higher than 1080p 64 GB or even 128 GB microSD cards should be supported. For those security camera systems using several analog cameras, a Network Video Recorder is recommended with at least 1 TB storage space to give you enough space to store clear and high-quality video footage.

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In the interest of security, a high-quality CCTV camera system will not be bad in any public place or working environment. Notable among these must-haves shall include high-definition and wide-angle video, night vision, remote access, auto network recovery, intrusion detection, and video storage. At least 32 GB capacitance on an SD card remains sufficient for local video storage, while a 1 TB NVR works for a multi-camera system. 

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